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Punishment varied according to whether the offender was under or over the age of twenty, whether he was single or married, and whether the offense was habitual.

The offenders age made a difference, and so did his occupation; a monk was more harshly treated than a layman.  Whether he had played the active or the passive role also had to be taken into account, as had the frequency of the offense and its extent.  Some variants were particularly heinous.  Nuns who made use of a dildo were treated with extreme severity and so were brothers who had incestuous homosexual intercourse.

In 6th century Wales, a practicing homosexual rated three years’ penance; in Burgundy in the early 8th century, ten years.  For oral intercourse, depending on where he resided, a homosexual might find himself liable for anything from 7 years to life.

The 7th century Cummean Penitential, Frankish in origin, was reasonably representative of the manuals used by priests in the confessional during the early medieval period.  Homosexual sins were treated as follows:

KISSING:  Offenders under 20 years of age:

“Simple kissing.” Six special fasts.

“Licentious kissing.”  Without emission, eight special fasts.

Kissing “with emsion or embrace.”  Ten special fasts.

Offenders over twenty years of age:

There was no distinction made here. The penance was to live in continence, eat separately (on bread and water), and to be excluded from church; the length of it was presumably at the direction of the confessor.


Twenty or Forty days penance.

100 days for a second offense

If habitual, “the persons concerned are to be separated

And to do penance for a year.”

INTERFEMORAL CONNECTION ( insertion of the penis between the thighs of the passive partner):

A penance of 2 years.

Or 100 days for the first offense and one year for the second (The first penance may have been for over twenties and the second for under twenties; or the first clergy and second for laymen.)


A penance of four years.

For habitual offenders, seven years.

SODOMY (anal intercourse):

Seven years’ penance

From the 6th until the early 11th century, homosexuals were in fact treated no more harshly than couples who practiced contraception.  But then the climate began to change.  The imporition of clerical celibacy my have aroused fears that homosexsuality would increase among the clergy, who would contaminate the laity.  Peter Damiani in the 11th century raised an outcry against the practice of homosexual offenders making confession to the very men with who their sins had been committed.

In France in 1300, all “sins against nature by a man over twenty years of age’ had to be referred to the bishop; by “sins against nature” were meant interfemoral connection, fellatio, sodomy, and zoophilia.  The penitentiaries dealt with the same sins committed by boys under 14 and women under 25, and with solitary masturbation.

If any one man responsible for the hardening of the Churchs attitude toward homosexuals it was the great philosopher and theologian of the 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas.  Just as Augustine had given a rationale to the Church Fathers’ distaste for the heterosexual act and rendered it acceptable only in terms of procreation, so Thomas Aquinas consolidated tradioinal fearsof homosexuality as the crime that had brought down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, by “proving” what every heterosexual male had always believed that it was unnatural in the sight of God as of man.  It was not difficult to prove, especially as he started from Augustine’s proposition that the sexual organs had been designed by the creator specifically for reproduction, and could only be legitimately used in ways that did not exclude the possibility of it.  Homosexuality was thus, by definition, a deviation from the natural order laid down by God (as, of course, were heterosexual anal and oral intercourse, and, obviously, zoophilia), and a deviation that was not only unnatural but, by the same Augustinian token, lustful and heretical.

Aquinas, fascinated by the harmony of a single moral pattern, was enormously influential in his time and for long after.  But the disadvantage of a single moral pattern is that anything that does not find a place in it finds no place, either, in societies based upon it.  From the 14th century on, homosexuals as a group were to find neither refuge nor tolerance anywhere in the Western Church or state.[131]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

Paperback Now in Color $90.00


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ABC News: Nearly 300 priests and clergy in Texas accused of sex abuse over decades.

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