ABC News: Missing girl’s family presses Vatican about found bones

Vestenberg isn’t the only place where this tradition occurred. In what’s now Austrian Weitersfelden, nobleman Christoph von Haim rebuilt his castle, Burg Reichenstein, in the late 1560s. On June 6, 1571, he was assassinated. The killer was a farmer who was convinced that von Haim had abducted his missing son and immured him at the foundation of Reichenstein.

One of the tales from present day Germany involves the castle in Thuringia. A mother sold her child to be interred in the castle foundations, and the child cried out: “Mother, I can still see you!”. Then, wailing, the fully immured child cried: “Mother, I cannot see you anymore!”. The mother, overcome with guilt, threw herself off the cliff, her ghost can still be seen, scratching with its fingers at the place where she let her child be immured.

Churches also often followed the tradition. When the people wanted to build a church in Vilmnitz, shortly after Christianity was introduced to the area, they had a difficult time raising the walls. The builders swore that they could not complete their job, because whatever work they did during the day was destroyed during the night by the Devil. They decided to purchase a child to entomb in the building in order to end their crisis. After they found a suitable victim, they put a bread-roll in one of the child’s hands, a light in the other, and set the unfortunate youngster in a cavity in the foundation. They quickly mortared it shut, certain that the Devil could no longer disrupt the building’s progress. It’s also said that a child was entombed in the church at Bergen under similar circumstances.  Unfortunately, there have been many such cases of immurement throughout history. [163]

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ABC News: Missing girl’s family presses Vatican about found bones.

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