A Real Demon and The Sounds of Hell

It is also not to be omitted that some wicked women perverted by the devil, seduced by illusions and phantasms of demons, believe and profess themselves, in the hours of night to ride upon certain beasts with Diana, the goddess of the pagans, and an innumerable multitude of women, and in the silence of the dead of night to traverse great spaces of earth and to obey her command as of their mistress, and to be summoned to her service on certain nights.[73]

As chief of a demon horde, Diana can now be equated with Satan, and her followers with worshipers of Satan. In this regard, the further additions of the canon are of great importance. Not only do the women ride out with her, but they obey her as their lady (Domina) as opposed to their true Lord, Jesus Christ (Dominus).[74]

The other important innovation is that the Corrector’s shorter version of the canon calls the leader of the band of riding women “the witch Holda.” Holda is the north German fertility goddess and leader of the wild chase.[75]

There were still traces of ancient skepticism, particularly in the peripheral regions of civilization, witness the law of Westgotland about 1170 making it a punishable act to defame a woman by accusing her of riding out on sticks or of being a stiga, masca, or herbaria. A penitential of Bartholomew Iscanus, bishop of Exeter, 1161-1184, repeats the ancient condemnations of the belief in riding out with Herodias or Diana, the practice of throwing a gift in the granary for the demons called fauns in the hope that they would bring more grain, and the belief that the shape of another animal can be changed into that of a wolf.[76]

The riding out, originally part of the Diana legend, had become an integral part of witchcraft, but it was now invariably associated with demonically induced flight though the air. The witches now almost always fly to their meetings, though some, if they live close enough, go on foot. The Devil bears them through the air, often in the form of a beast, such as a wolf, a dog, a cat, or a goat or else in that of a black man.  Sometimes the witches anoint themselves in order to prepare for this flight, but more often they anointed sticks, brooms, or even chairs. Sometimes the brooms flew without ointment, though the direct power of the Devil. The most unusual mode of diabolical travel was locomotion upon the excrement of horses or mules.[77]

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